Alton Brown

Top Stores and Snacks from AB Road Eats 2014



 Published on December 16, 2014.

 “Jerky & Vine (Greenville, SC): Dried beef, pork, fish, turkey, etc. This store had jerky for everyone. And they carry my favorite brand to boot.”

 We’ve made it onto Alton Brown’s Top Stores and Snacks From AB Eats 2014! We are appreciative and pleased to have in-stock his favorite, biltong. The droewors specifically, check out his photo:

 Mr. Brown had this to say, “Sorry to say I did not get to venture around as much as I wanted (though I did see your lovely, crooked suspension bridge). What I can say is that this town knows how to make coffee, milkshakes and it has one heck of a jerky store.”

 We hope he does another tour in 2015 and makes Greenville one of the stops. There were so many folks in the shop sharing their stories about Mr. Brown and how entertaining he is. Please check out the links to his website and blog to read more! You will also find all kinds of wonderful information, recipes, and entertainment.